The risks involved in USB data transfer

When you insert an unknown USB mass storage device into your computer or your own device into an unknown computer, you are exposed to a number of security risks:

A BadUSB attack can cause extensive damage, such as sensitive information ending up in the wrong hands. Any malware on your USB storage device can spread to your internal network when you connect the device to your organization’s computers.

If your storage device happens to be infected with malware, you will expose your data exchange partner’s organization to the same threat. When you give your own USB storage device to another person for the purpose of data transfer, that person may copy unauthorized files without your knowledge.

Your organization’s IT support may be located far from your current location, even in another country or continent, and you may be unable to ask for help when you receive an unknown USB storage device for use in a file exchange. An end user in your organization may not be security savvy and fail to observe necessary precautions during a data exchange. If you have two similar flash drives, one infected and the other not, how do you know which one is safe without connecting the drives to your computer?

If you know that your storage device is infected, what should you do? Would you take your USB storage device to your organization’s IT support or would you throw it – along with any confidential information – in the bin for anyone to find? What if you could remove harmful files in a secure way, without connecting the storage device to your computer?

Do not trust, but thwart risks!

Finding unsafe files manually is practically impossible. Harmful files can be easily disguised as safe ones. The USBguard is a small portable solution for scanning harmful files. It also helps you to stay safe when traveling on business.

Users do not have to be tech/security savvy as USBguard’s pop-up instructions advise them when needed. USBguard is quick and easy to use.

The USBguard is unique because of it’s mobile nature. The USBguard is designed in Finland.

Organizations that exchange data using USB storage devices should ensure that they are used safely. The size of an organization is not relevant in the matter of USB security.

Issues to consider when using USB storage devices

“Do I dare to plug my USB storage device into an unknown computer?”
“Do I dare to plug an unknown USB storage device into my computer?”
“Should I trust or not?”
“What if there would be a device that could scan an USB storage device for files classified as unsafe, and then only allow specific files to be moved from one storage device to another?"

One unsafe file is enough to compromise the security and business operations of an entire organisation. Are you prepared to take that risk?

What is BadUSB?

BadUSB refers to a malicious USB device that presents a serious security risk. Anyone can turn an ordinary USB storage device into a malicious one by reprogramming its microchip.

Anyone can make a BadUSB device because the required code and installation instructions can be easily found online.

A BadUSB device is particularly dangerous because antivirus software cannot detect it.

If your organisation wants to avoid security risks inherent in USB data transfer, you have the choice of either not using USB storage devices or scanning the devices using USBguard.

A BadUSB disguised as a storage device can be programmed, for example, to snatch a particular file from the user’s database 10 seconds after installation. A BadUSB device may also take over the user’s keyboard or mouse.

The USBguard device scans USB storage devices for malware and BadUSB. If malicious files are found, the USB storage device can be reinitialized or harmful files can be removed individually.

If the storage device in question is disguised as a BadUSB device, USBguard prevents it from operating and prompts the user to disconnect it. If you have malware scanning software on your computer and the storage device is in fact disguised as a BadUSB device, the game is already lost when you insert it and the computer starts to scan it.


Comprehensive service

We offer a mobile security service for combating security threats for USB mass storage devices. The most common USB threats are the spread of malware, the risk of BadUSB and the possibility that your partner will copy unauthorized files from your flash drive. When files are exchanged using a USBguard device, both users can see on the USBguard screen which files are being transferred.

USBguard is a comprehensive service that includes:

USBguard devices, which are always made to order

Maintenance of devices and updates to the service

Product Support

Antivirus software license

Protection against BadUSB attacks

Hardware warranty: If the device breaks down, a replacement will be provided at no additional cost

Subscription to the Management Server as an add-on

If you suspect a targeted attack, you have the option to use an add-on service, which sends files chosen for transfer to Fitsec for inspection before the storage device is connected to your computer or the internal network of your organization.

Hence, the customer pays not only for the device, but also, above all, for a mobile security service, along with the continuous product development as a result of customer feedback. Updates are available to each client either on the Management Server or directly from Fitsec whenever the software is updated. In addition, the units and service can be customized to each client’s individual needs.

The USBguard service is available as an annual license that includes the USBguard device, end-user support and antivirus licenses. The license also covers unit breakdown/repairs. USBguard includes an integrated antivirus program and a feature for removing harmful files and making the storage device operable again. The unit also allows the initialization of storage devices and the removal of unnecessary files.

The USBGuard device runs on the Linux operating system and the unit has an easy-to-use touchscreen; however, the real benefit to the customer comes from the portable nature of the service and pre-installed security software produced by Fitsec.

Easy operation by end users

The service was designed from the outset from the end user’s point of view for maximum ease of use.

Since the touchscreen guides the user with clear pop-up instructions, they do not need any technical skills to operate the unit. Integrated into the unit, you will also find separate clear instructions for use. The Language Menu can be used to change the language of the software. Languages are added when required, so do not hesitate to ask for different language versions.

The main features of the USBguard device:

File listing

File viewing

Removal of harmful and unnecessary files


Antivirus scanning

Automatic protection against BadUSB attacks


Securing of file exchange between storage devices

Automatic antivirus scanning and BadUSB detection


Easily clearing your storage device securely and reliably

An unique mobile USB security service

The USBguard service has been developed to provide an answer to client requests and to satisfy a genuine need. The mobile nature of the service has attracted considerable interest among clients, as organizations of all sizes have a real need for such a solution. Many clients have also been looking for a solution to security risks inherent in USB mass storage devices in order to protect themselves while on business trips. A USBguard unit is easy to carry when travelling on business. The software is constantly being updated as security threats evolve and customer feedback is received.

Management Server and customization

The USBguard Management Server can be used to remotely manage and update several USBguard units centrally. Organizations which have several USBguard units at their disposal benefit from the Management Server. The Management Server speeds up and facilitates the management of a large unit base. The Management Server is customized to client requirements.

The USBguard can be customized to satisfy client wishes. The functions can be tailored to a certain extent and the appearance can be customized, for example, by setting the unit up with the client’s branding. USBguard units are produced in black as well as dark green colors.

Contact us for more information about customization! All our security services are always customized to meet our client’s requirements and wishes.

Please ask us about our other services!


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